Activist fights against gay and gender conversion therapy

Leading LGBTQI+ Activist Shaneel Lal is at the forefront of ensuring the Prohibition of Conversion Therapy Bill is passed.

18th February, 2020

Activist fights against gay and gender conversion therapy

A leading activist says he'll fight hard to make sure a bill outlawing gay and gender conversion therapy becomes law. 

Shaneel Lal, who's also a Mr Gay 2020 contestant, told Pacific Breakfast that he's advocating for the passing of The Prohibition of Conversion Therapy bill.   ​

"I want to achieve a ban on gay and gender conversion therapy or any kind of therapy that aims to change your sexuality or your gender identity."

If the Prohibition of Conversion Therapy Bill passes parliament, it will prohibit anyone from performing and advertising conversion therapy.

The former youth MP for Manukau East wants to ensure everyone, regardless of gender and sexuality is protected under law.

"On top of that I'm trying to get our trans people and non-binary people protected in the human rights act."

However, the 20-year old Global Youth Leader from Fiji acknowledges it isn't a one man job and urges his fellow LGBTQI+ community to take part in the fight.

"Pride is not just a part of you, it's a protest.

"People over the years have fought and made sacrifices and we need to honour them and we need to continue their fight."