New board members to oversee Pacific Media Network

Four new faces bring a wealth of expertise, cultural understanding and leadership to the media platform.

17th December, 2021

New board members to oversee Pacific Media Network
Clockwise from top left: Jerome Mika, Teremoana Rapley, Holona Lui and Richard Broadbridge are the newest members of the NPRT board. 

By Khalia Strong - 

Appointments to the National Pacific Trust Board are bringing a new wave of expertise and cultural representation. 

The Ministry of Culture and Heritage has appointed ​Jerome Mika, Teremoana Rapley, Holona Lui and Richard Broadbridge, and they'll be joining Sholan Ivaiti and Maria Fuata as board members. 

Mika brings his experience as a business manager specialising engagement with Pacific, Māori and Asian communities, and says there are many opportunities for the sector to develop and grow. 

“Whether be NiuFM or 531PI and even our language programmes, it’s a real opportunity for us to strengthen and continue the work that's been done by the previous board.”

He is excited for what the next four years might bring, and says the team has a good dynamic already.

“We all have the same focus, and at the centre of it is our Pacific communities.”

Lui says he’s feeling excited, but also very humbled and privileged to serve, and wants to bring in the perspective of the other regions such Wellington and the central North Island, with a focus on youth. 

“We have a young demographic, we also have a lot of young talent within the community that people are looking to tap into such as business, ideas and creative arts.”

Lui was part of the original Ministry for Pacific Island Affairs which led to the establishment of the trust, and plans to continue growing the network as an integral part of Pacific communities.

 “It’s certainly building, it’s always been there, but we want to make it more intentional, more visible, and more reflective of all our different communities.”

Still looking to complete the team 

Pacific Media Network chief executive Don Mann says their broad range of experiences and diversity are an asset. 

“From expertise in the commercialisation of media through Richard Broadbridge, the language and community expertise through Holona Lui. 

“We’ve got an icon of the Aotearoa music scene, but also in economic development through Teremoana Rapley, and then a really respected member of the Pasifika community and community development through Jerome Mika.”

Mann says it’s crucial to get the board selection just right.

“This entire decision sits with the Ministry of Culture and Heritage, and that’s the right thing to do because it separates the operations of PMN from the governance.”

The Chair position is yet to be announced, but Mann says there is still one seat available, and hopes it may be filled by someone who will continue to diversify their current ethnic lineup.