New Covid-19 website targets Pacific communities

April 13, 2020

Prepare Pacific is a website providing COVID-19-related information to Pasifika communities. Photo/Prepare Pacific

A new website aims to give Pasifika communities the latest accurate information on Covid-19.

The website,, is sponsored by Counties Manukau, Auckland, Waitemata and Northland District Health Boards.

Speaking on Pacific Breakfast, Counties Manukau DHB Chief Executive Fepulea’i Margie Apa says she understands the sacrifices Pacific people have had to make during lockdown.

“Fighting the spread of coronavirus in our Pacific communities is our byline and we know that our community had to make really, really tough changes that are very much against our cultural DNA.”

Fepulea’i says Prepare Pacific is different from many websites giving information on coronavirus, because it caters to a specific audience.

“We know the DHB still has their websites that you can access. The Ministry’s website has some great information. What Prepare Pacific does for our community is that we contextualise it. We translate it more rapidly so it actually targets our Pacific community.”

For example, the Prepare Pacific website features a talanoa with South Auckland GP Dr Api Talemaitoga, as well as a panel in different Pacific languages.

“You’ll see our Pacific health professionals really fronting the messages and really just turning the information that’s been put out by the government into ways that our people can understand but also fit for our context,” says Fepulea’i Margie Apa.

“This website is about making sure our news is up to date and dynamic and able to keep up with the pace and our community can rely on that to get the latest.” 

Fepulea’i says Prepare Pacific will be the trustworthy website Pacific people need.

“There’s lots of fake news, lots of myths, lots of things on social media that probably actually I’ve read a few things and thought, that doesn't sound right to me.”